My Study Today: Job 3


September 3, 2013

Hello everyone. I have had a pretty good day so far. I got quite a lot done around the house, finished my workouts, took the dog out for a run, and apologized to a friend for a mistake I made which caused her extra work and frustration.  I truly am sorry for what happened, so I apologized and it won’t happen again. I handled it like an adult. I can honestly say that even though there are some tough things going on right now, none of them worry me. I am never alone, and I will never be left to deal with anything alone, 

So I know that I don’t always post Bible studies on here, but I would like to try and do a few a week for this month, as a challenge for myself. Just humor me, I like challenges. I recently finished reading the book of Proverbs, and now I want to read the book of Job, so I started it three days ago. Today I read Job 3.

This was a very sad chapter to read. Job is cursing the day he was born because everything has been taken from him; his house, his servants, his livestock, his children, and his health. Satan is trying to test this poor man to force him into cursing God and losing his faith. Despite all the tragedies that Job was experiencing and dealing with, he does not abandon his faith, even though he is heartbroken and living in constant torment. He still does grieve though, like any human would. I can recall many times throughout my childhood, teenage years, and young adulthood where I have felt like my world was as messed up and damaged as it could possibly get, and even though the pain I have felt is nothing like the pain Job experienced, we each experience pain on our own scale, so my pain is not any less important or real. This chapter also made me realize that my life is very blessed, and I shouldn’t waste time being angry or impatient or timid or proud or embarrassed. I should deal with issues as they come, face them with honesty and determination, and then move on, absorbing whatever I can from the experience, then moving to face whatever comes next.

That’s all for now, it is time to eat a huge dinner and play some Nancy Drew on the computer. I’m so nostalgic.  

My Instagram


Hello my lovelies! Sorry for abandoning you all for such a long time! I have been off having adventures around America (well, only in 2 states, but that’s better than nothing!) all summer, and I am finally back in my little South Carolina nest, ready to tackle the fall. School has started and it is time to get back to business, so I need to refresh my self-discipline and replenish my self-control.

Also, I have joined the rest of the world and finally surrendered to Instagram. My account is inthemindofky. I will try and post a link on this blog…somewhere. (there is a link in the side bar).

I figured that the best way to start off the fall would be with a challenge! Woohoo! Actually, I am going to work on a couple of challenges, starting in September.

1. I am going to do the 21 Day Binge-Free Instagram challenge for recovering bulimics and anorexics. I am more that 21 days binge free, but I want to do the challenge anyway. I will try and link all my updates to this blog as well as my Instagram.

2. Fitness Challenge. Along with my regular workouts, I am going to add something new every day. I will be introducing a new element, workout, or move in my fitness routine, like trying a new challenging strength move, or taking a fitness class that I don’t regularly do (like maybe belly dancing???)

3. Some kind of photo challenge, but I haven’t decided what yet.

Come find me on Instagram my dearies!!

Do You Even Want To Be My Friend?


Okay, I need to make a post about something that I have been noticing lately. Have you ever met someone, and you are friends for a few months, they call you to come over and hang out, you go out and do stuff together, you talk about everything…and then all of a sudden they blow you off left and right, cancel plans, and never respond to your messages? Well, that’s what I’m going through now.

            One thing you should know about me: I’m not big on socializing. I’m really not the biggest fan of people in general. I do not make many close friends, and I’m not comfortable around everyone, so when I do make a friend I am very careful to take things slowly. I don’t like having people smother me, especially early on in a friendship, so I go out of my way to make sure I don’t smother other people. I’ve had people who call and text me daily after only one or two meetings, and it makes me feel like I am being forced into a friendship. Nobody wants that.

            So, I make sure I send a maximum of two text messages when I don’t hear from them, or one phone call, or a facebook message. Not AND…I said OR. I probably reach out to this person once a week with a text trying to find out if the plans we made last week are still standing, and they never respond…but the next time I see them, they want to make plans and hang out and they seem so happy to see me. That is what confuses me, they act like they are so happy to be my friend and so excited to do things with me (making plans, inviting me to movies and meals, having me help out with projects, etc…) but then they never follow through with the plans, never gets ahold of me or follows through with any of the plans that they suggested.

            The last thing in the world that I want to be is a stalker or an annoying burden to someone. I do not want to make them feel pressured or stressed or force them to switch around their schedules to fit me in. I’m a laidback girl, and I strive to be a laidback friend, but when we make plans to hang out somewhere at noon, and I text them to make sure we are still meeting up…and I get no response…so an hour later I send another text and I still don’t hear back from them. I hate feeling like I am pestering someone, so after that I give up. I am not going to force someone to be my friend; I just get confused when I get very mixed messages from someone. Uggggg.

Blehh, I’m Sick… Should I Skip My Workout?


When we are feeling sick, the last thing we want to do is strap on our running shoes and burn some calories…we want to wallow in self-pity and watch crappy television. However, anyone who has ever gone on a run with a stuffy nose knows that about 5 minutes into your run, your head clears up like magic. So how do I know if I’m too sick to work out?

The best way to determine if you are healthy enough to work out is to “check the neck”. Basically ask yourself one question: are my symptoms above or below my neck?

If your head/nose/sinuses are stuffy or you have a sore throat, then you are still well enough to run. In fact, the increased intake of oxygen will help you recover more quickly. However, if your symptoms are below the neck, play it safe and skip the workout. If you feel like throwing up, have a fever, weakness or exhaustion or any other similar issue, stay home, drink tons of water and fruit and vegetable juice, rest, and allow your body to recover.