Abercrombie and Fitch Drama


I have to say this:

I am so tired of all of this Abercrombie and Fitch drama. People are acting like store discrimination is new news, as if Abercrombie is the first store in history to target a specific demographic. I see both sides of this issue.

In my opinion, the store can sell what they want. They design, produce, and sell the clothes. We are the ones that buy them (unless you are like me, and have never set foot in a store that even sells jeans for over $20).

NEWS FLASH: All stores are discriminatory. I can’t shop at maternity stores because I’m not pregnant, but maternity stores also aren’t going to burn the clothes they don’t sell because they don’t want to donate them to the poor or chase me out of the store and tell me I’m not good enough to wear their mom-jeans. Maybe I’m just “running my mouth”, but is anybody really shocked that a store like Abercrombie discriminates? I’m not. There are clearly stores that target African Americans, just like there are stores like Hot Topic that target goths and punks, Big and Tall only makes clothing for tall people, bridal stores that target brides, and stores that cater to old people, jocks, plus-size, etc…

I also can’t shop at plus-size stores because I don’t fit that store’s image. The difference is that plus-size stores don’t openly announce that skinny people aren’t wanted. The CEO of Abercrombie is a douchebag, and should have never opened his abnormally large mouth in the first place, but hasn’t Abercrombie always been this way? why do we hate them now, all of a sudden?

 Why are we choosing to speak out now? Why not ten years ago? Why not when the company first started?


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